Version 0.2! Coins and fall indicators!

Flewberry version 0.2 is out now, with a whole lot of improvements!

As the title of this devlog suggests, two changes highlight this update:

  • Shiny coins can now be collected during gameplay! These coins are added to your score at the end of a game and accumulated in your save data (although the latter is not shown in-game yet). These coins will be redeemable in the upcoming shop, so be sure to get collecting!
  • Tired of flying blindly? We know our Birbs are, so we've added an indicator to the UI that shows where objects will fall from! Now you can create a strategy for your Birb: will it anticipate object positions for points, or will it avoid any risk of hitting a game-ending durr?

Several smaller but noticeable changes have also been made in this update:

  • Sometimes the Birbs' tiny bodies would slip between connected platforms. This has been fixed by modifying collision detection and making it so all connected platforms are unable to move.
  • The first body part growth now occurs when a stat is at 15 instead of 25. They grow up so fast!
  • Birbs have learned how to better express themselves! They now do a little dance when one of their body parts grows!
  • The house now has a food bowl that your Birb will eat from. While berries are yummy, a balanced diet is important!
  • Birbs' ears have gotten stronger! You can now hear calming sounds of nature during gameplay!
  • Requested by popular demand, berries now fall at a slower velocity, making them easier to catch!
  • Fixed a bug that caused certain platform rows to only contain spikes. How dare they interrupt your flight?!
  • Moving platforms are now a darker shade of red, so as to help the fall indicators stand out.
  • People always tell me to reduce my work time, so I did just that: the in-game timer has been shrunken!
  • How the Birb sprites are mirrored has been modified. This shouldn't be noticeable in-game, but it's worth mentioning in case any related bugs arise.
  • The in-game credits have been updated.

Thank you for playing Flewberry! Let us know how the update is, and stay tuned for the opening of the in-game shop!

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Jul 27, 2018

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