Version 0.5! Furniture collecting!

The Birbs' homes have been looking a little bland. No longer! You can now earn furniture for reaching certain stat thresholds! Each furniture item also has an upgraded version available for reaching a second stat threshold. So get out there and rack up those stats!

Version 0.5 also includes the following changes:

  • Ninja Mask and Streak have been added to customization.
  • Hat prices have been balanced.
  • The feeding tutorial has been optimized, displaying a different message if the player hasn't collected any berries yet.
  • Tutorials have been added for Birb growth and furniture collecting. The more you know!
  • Due to the addition of mouse controls, Birbs would be forced to flap when exiting the flight tutorial. This has been fixed.
  • Birbs' hitboxes for feeding have been altered, since often times the Birb would manage to eat a berry without visibly touching it. Is this a mere bug, or do the Birbs possess some sort of time manipulation power? Either way, they'll eat much more naturally now.
  • The top menu now disables when opening panels. This should reduce screen clutter.

Thank you for checking out Flewberry! All of our planned features are now implemented, but there's plenty of tweaking that needs to be done, so stay tuned!

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Aug 02, 2018

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