Version 0.4! Stat tracking!

Flewberry version 0.4 is here! The big addition in this update is stat tracking. Your Birb has been keeping tabs on various stats in previous versions, and now hangs sticky notes around its house to keep track of its high score, total score, total berries collected, and total coins collected. Nothing feels more rewarding than seeing numbers rack up as a result of all your hard work!

In addition to stat tracking, Version 0.4 contains the following changes:

  • Inventory display has been added in the main menu, so you can see what you've got on the spot.
  • OG Chat Man, Bizarre Helmet, and Fast Quills are now available for purchase when customizing your Birb.
  • Your Birb can now flap using the left mouse button, for those that find the keyboard-mouse transition disorienting.
  • That pesky bug that prevents the Game Over screen from appearing has returned! We've attempted another fix, and it seems to be gone for good, but you never know with this one...
  • Fixed a bug where your Birb would still move with a moving platform after being knocked off by a durr. Silly Birb, that's not how physics work!
  • Adjusted price for the antenna in order to balance the shop.
  • Elements of the hat selector have been resized.
  • High score has been removed from the Fly button, since it can now be viewed on its corresponding sticky note.
  • To help express its feelings even better than before, your Birb's mood indicator has been repositioned and enlargened.
  • Your Birb will no longer ask for berries once its stats are maxed out.
  • Updated credits.

Thanks for checking out this update, and we hope you continue to enjoy Flewberry! Be sure to work on building up your stats, as we'll soon be rewarding in-game furniture when reaching certain stat thresholds!

PLEASE NOTE: This update alters how hat ownership is stored in the save data. Saves from previous versions should still work with this new save system, but just to be safe, we recommend you backup the save.bry file located at C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\LocalLow\Flewberry Team\Flewberry.

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Aug 01, 2018

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