Version 0.6! Fly Again!

Version 0.6 of Flewberry is out now! The big addition here is the Fly Again button on the Game Over screen! By popular demand, Birbs can automatically restart their flights, rather than having to go home first.

We have also made some noticeable changes to tutorial popups: they will now automatically resize to fit their text. The Fly tutorial has also been heavily revamped, showing images of collectables and obstacles in addition to the instructions and controls.

We have also made the following smaller changes:

  • Results text now has larger horizontal padding.
  • The hitboxes for those spiky durrs have been resized to better fit their sprites.
  • Fixed a bug where the energy bar would remain stuck on the screen after the game is over.
  • Fixed bugs involving Birb interaction with platforms after the game is over.

Thanks for checking out Flewberry! A few more tweaks and fixes, and we should be good to go for version 1.0!

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Aug 15, 2018

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